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An article takes you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of silicone hoses

Silicone tube is a carrier for the flow of liquids, gases, and other materials, also known as silicone tube. Silicone tubes have a wide range of applications, as they can produce models that meet the requirements of multiple fields or industrial supporting products, playing an important role in the normal operation of equipment. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of silicone hoses? Next, let’s follow the editor and take a look:

Firstly, the advantages of silicone tubing.
Silicone tubes are made from silicone rubber, so their molecular structure is mainly composed of a chain like structure of oxygen and silicon atoms. So because of this unique molecular structure, silicone tubes have better heat resistance, chemical stability, and insulation.

Silicone tubing can maintain elasticity for extended periods of time in environments up to 250 ℃ and up to -50 ℃ without significant damage, far surpassing other general-purpose rubbers. The silicon oxygen chemical bonds in its molecular structure are very stable and not easily oxidized. After adding other substances such as fluorine and benzene, it is less likely to react with other chemical substances, so it can be used to transport some corrosive materials.

In addition, silicone has the characteristic of being non-toxic. In addition, it can withstand multiple high temperature steaming and disinfection, and has no adhesion with other materials. Therefore, it can also be used in medical and food fields, such as water delivery pipes in drinking water equipment, infusion pipes in medical care, and so on.

Next, let’s talk about its drawbacks.
Due to the inherent molecular structure of silicone rubber, the chemical bonds between silicon and oxygen are very strong and not easily deformed by external forces. That is to say, it has a price difference in tensile resistance and a low tensile rate. Moreover, due to the issue of material sources, its price is relatively expensive compared to other rubbers.

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